Nitpicking Noggins, also know as Nitpicking in NOLA, is a discreet and confidential mobile head lice treatment and removal service that has been serving the Southern Louisiana, Southern Mississippi and Southern Alabama since 2010.

We have a proven process that’s simple, safe and effective. It does not include oils, toxic solutions or gadgets. Learning that your family has lice is upsetting enough, but treating it doesn’t have be. 

Call us today for a SAME DAY appointment. We are ready to dispatch one of our professional Lice Treatment Specialists to the comfort and privacy of your own home.  

We understand that LICE do not live by the clock so neither do we!

7 days a week​

  • We discreetly come to your home and screen each family member for lice and nits.

  • We only treat those individuals infected with our non-toxic, pesticide-free products.

  • We advise you of what really needs to be done in your home. Clean wisely not widely. 

  • We educate you so that you can prevent infestations from occurring even if you are reintroduced to head lice in the future.


  • We don’t come to your home in a marked vehicle or hazmat suit.

  • We do not use gadgets or oils to treat.

  • We don't leave you with follow-up instructions requiring oils.

  • We do not sell unnecessary home cleaning products or services.

  • We don’t leave until all of your questions have been answered.


We are confident in our lice treatment and removal services that we back our services up with a 21-Day Guarantee.​ 

For this guarantee to be valid:

  • All family members must be checked at the initial appointment.

  • Those individuals initially infected were treated and rechecked by Nitpicking Noggins.

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